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Deciding what is best for you or a family member with a developmental disability can be daunting.

Sunshine respects these choices and is ready to assist. You might choose to provide care at home, but could use some additional assistance. We can identify resources and options that support your decision. Let us make a difference in your life or that of a loved one with our programs and services. Among them:

Resized (3)Occupational Therapists at Sunshine help people with developmental disabilities achieve their highest levels of independence and function. We offer services such as adapted wheelchair evaluations, repairs and modifications, serial casting and splinting for contracture management and function, and direct intervention to support sensory processing, fine motor function and activities of daily living. We offer assisted technology to increase function through environmental controls. Occupational therapists also support staff in developing mealtime strategies, maintaining range of motion, coping with sensory issues and incorporating safe positioning strategies throughout the day. Occupational therapists also are available on a contract basis to outside agencies.

For additional information contact Lori Ciacelli, Director of Clinical Services, at 419 865-0251 ext. 2401 or email lciacelli@sunshine.org.

Physical Therapists at Sunshine provide interventions designed to increase or maintain the highest level of muscle and joint function for people with cerebral palsy and other neurological problems. Movement and function can be threatened by aging, injury, pain, or even the environment. Physical Therapy assists with strengthening, balance, coordination and adaptations to improve function, using walkers, braces, standers, and other adaptive equipment. Functional movement is central to good health. Physical therapy staff works with patients or clients, and with families, caregivers and other health care professionals and work in a variety of settings, including an individual’s home, day activities center or at Sunshine’s pool, sensory room and gym.

For additional information contact Lori Ciacelli, Director of Clinical Services, at 419 865-0251 ext. 2401 or email lciacelli@sunshine.org.

Speech Therapists at Sunshine evaluate, treat, and help prevent communication and swallowing disorders that can happen for a variety of reasons: developmental delay, stroke, brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, a cleft palate, and autism, to name a few. Sunshine’s speech therapy staff provides services at our residential and vocational sites, and are experienced working with visual supports, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices, sign language, adapted switches, iPads, and other tools. Speech therapist provide support for individuals with swallowing and mealtime issues, helping them to be more independent and consume the least restrictive and safe diet. Therapists work with caregivers, family, and other medical personnel. Each is an important member of the individual’s interdisciplinary team. Speech Therapy is also available to provide services on a contract basis to outside agencies.

Behavioral support:

Sunshine’s behavioral support team assists others in building skills to interact positively with others, regulate emotions and communicate what they want, need and feel. The behavioral support teams conducts case assessments, creates individualized coping strategies and directly trains staff to implement those plans. Our team also uses and teaches Ukeru, a type of safe and comforting crisis intervention free of restraints.

Sunshine’s staff includes a Behavior Support Specialist and behavior technicians. Our support staff have a broad range of experience working directly with children and adults with developmental disabilities and attend frequent trainings to ensure the latest behavior modification techniques, trauma informed care and de-escalation strategies. Their goals encourage building coping skills and increasing positive interactions throughout Sunshine and the larger community.

For more information, call 419-865-0251 or email lciacelli@sunshine.org.