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Finding a job is always tough, and Sunshine supports workers with developmental disabilities searching for and retaining meaningful work.

Resized (7)Resized (6)We teach not only critical job skills in a wide range of industries, but also the often-more-difficult skills in teamwork, respect and patience. For some, that means a job in the community through Sunshine-employer partnerships. It also could mean work at any of Sunshine’s more than two dozen properties, including our coffee shop and art studio in Uptown Maumee.

For others, daily work may not be possible. Others, including senior retirees, may choose to focus on activities and recreation. The Sunshine Vocational Center, opened in Resized (5)2007 at Sunshine’s Maumee campus, offers a variety of activities-based programming throughout the week for those who reside at Sunshine properties or those who reside elsewhere but wish to access Sunshine’s vocational services. Designed to enhance social and personal growth, programming includes activities geared for individuals with significant disabilities including medical and behavioral support needs, and provide jobs for people with disabilities.

Among the activities:

  • Animal activities
  • Book clubs
  • Crafts
  • Gardening
  • Recreation and exercise
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Art projects

Additionally, participants in Sunshine’s vocational programming have access to the campus, including the greenhouse, barn, gymnasium and sensory room.