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The volunteer program offers opportunities for everyone – for new friendships and new experiences. Volunteers discover the amazing gifts and talents that those with disabilities have to offer.

Anyone with a loved one with developmental disabilities will tell you: There’s something amazing about them. We’ve seen the way volunteers feel for the first time that same feeling and end the day with a smile that just won’t go away.

Whether it’s painting fingernails or fences, sharing a book or sharing a laugh, your time enriches the lives of the Sunshine community spiritually, physically, intellectually and socially. But it can be life-changing for you as well.

Those with developmental disabilities have amazing gifts to share when we shift the focus from disability to ability. That’s what we call mutuality here at Sunshine – the idea that our interactions with each other offer surprising benefits for every person involved.

We have events throughout Lucas and Fulton counties. Among our most popular choices:

Social Activities

Share your passion or hobby with a new friend today.

The opportunities at Sunshine are endless. Do you like gardening, reading, swimming, animals, crafts, or meeting new people? So do we! Maybe board or video games are your speed. Puzzles? Scrapbooking? Baking? Comic books? Getting your nails done? Relationships are built on common interests.

You’ll change lives, including your own.

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Facilities / Office Support

Help Sunshine behind-the-scenes in its daily operations.

In the office, Sunshine seeks volunteers for filing, archiving, updating databases and other crucial office tasks.

Or perhaps you’re more comfortable with a mop, hammer or paintbrush. With a 25-acre main campus and dozens of community homes, Sunshine facilities crews can always use an extra hand or two.

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Day of Service Groups

Sunshine welcomes help from faith groups, schools, businesses and other organizations.

We work with each organization to find the “right fit.” Maybe that’s facility support, such as painting a fence or landscaping. Or maybe you can help with a community outing or assist with social activities at Sunshine. Carve out your own project or join an existing activity.

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Special Events

Our biggest events each year are possible only through Sunshine’s army of volunteers. Join us at our annual Walk, Run & Roll (the first Saturday after Labor Day each year). Or be a part of our Haunted Hallways, holiday parties and dances. We love having a good time!

Inquire early. Spots are limited for our most popular activities, and the annual Walk, Run & Roll requires special paperwork.

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To find out more about these opportunities or others: Email volunteer@sunshine.org or call 419.794.1388. Or you’re ready now, apply below.

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