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A llama? We have one. Goats and bunnies and horses too. And a pool. And a sensory room to relax those tensions of the day.

barn candy-for-Taz (the horse)Resized (4)Sunshine’s main campus offers a variety of surprising activities for the men, women and children we support, but many of these options are open to the public too.

Our gentle-giant horses – Daisy, Katie, Harley and Taz –love riders of all ages, sizes and abilities, even those who need some special supports. And they’re the centerpieces of our public summer camps for local children – each equine with his or her distinct personality.

Inside Sunshine’s building on Maumee Western Road, there’s a sensory room for relaxing and recharging and – let’s face it – sometimes just working out the day’s frustrations. Just a few steps away is the Sunshine gym, also with plenty of adaptive equipment. And at a soothing 92 degrees, Sunshine’s public pool offers a perfect place for  tossing a beach ball, easing arthritis, or hosting a pool party. Submersible wheelchairs and other adaptive equipment offers access to swimmers of all abilities.