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Our campus is a place to relax, meet new friends, learn skills, and stay active. Whether you’re a community member or a Sunshine friend, these resources are here for you.

Resized (4)At our Maumee campus, we offer a variety of activities for people with developmental disabilities that we support, but many of these options are open to the public too.

Our goats, bunnies, pigs, donkeys, miniature horses, barn cats and llama provide learning and hands-on experiences for individuals who love to connect with animals. Sunshine Acres, the greenhouse and barn, provides ample opportunities for day services whether it’s tending to vegetables in the greenhouse or learning about the anatomy of a donkey’s hooves.

Inside Sunshine’s Maumee campus building, there’s a sensory room for relaxing and recharging – equipped with a ball pit, bubble columns, fiber optics, and more. Just a few steps away is the Sunshine gym, which also houses plenty of adaptive equipment.

And at a soothing 92 degrees, Sunshine’s public pool offers a perfect place for tossing a beach ball, easing arthritis, or hosting a pool party. Submersible wheelchairs and other adaptive equipment offers access to swimmers of all abilities.