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Sunshine Acres

Some of Sunshine’s community members walk on four legs, others hop or trot at a graceful pace – but all offer this: a relaxing escape from a busy everyday routine.

Sunshine Acres, a barn and greenhouse on our Maumee campus, provide supported employment opportunities, summer camp, and hands-on experiences with animals and plants.

Various animals call Sunshine’s barn home, everything from a llama to a pig. Individuals can enjoy holding a calm, soft bunny or they can learn the anatomy of different hoof types. The animals are a bridge to our mission by providing opportunities to everyone who lives, works, or receives services from Sunshine.

The greenhouse offers a variety of opportunities for individuals seeking to work with plants. Sunshine crews tend to crops of flowers, vegetables, and herbs in the summer and work on construction and other projects during the cold months. Over 130 varieties of plants are grown and sold through the work of these crews in Sunshine’s greenhouse every year.

For more information about Sunshine’s barn operations, its camps and its services, contact Alicia Rybak, Barn Supervisor, at arybak@sunshine.org or call 419-865-0251. For more information on Sunshine’s greenhouse operations, services, and sales, contact Sara Lewis, Greenhouse Supervisor, as slewis@sunshine.org or call 419-865-0251.