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Pasture Pal

There are three special equines that call Sunshine pastures home, two miniature horses and one spotted donkey. These gentle animals are great pasture pals and enjoy life with their many different friends in the barn. Your gift of sponsorship goes to covering Stanley’s favorite carrots and daily care supplies like grooming tools.

Pasture Pal Sponsorship Options

  • $60 for 1 month
    • Sponsor will receive a letter from the animal, a painting, and a picture
  • $360 for 6 months
    • Sponsor will receive a letter each month, a painting, picture, and an animal visit (making & giving treats
  • $720 for 1 year
    • Sponsor will receive a letter each month, a painting, picture, two animal visits (making & giving treats), and name on plaque on animal’s stall
  • Emergency fund: any amount
    • Sponsor will receive a letter from the animal


Miniature Horse, Born in 1999

Mancy (1) - USE

Hi, I go by Mancy. I live at Sunshine alongside my biological sister, Blue. I feel most safe when I am around her. We came from a home in Oak Harbor. My favorite treat is an apple, the more tart the better.

Miniature Horse, Born in 2002

Blue (1) - USE

Hi, my name is Blue. My sister is Mancy and I like to throw my hay on her, as sisters do. We are from Oak Harbor originally, but we like getting groomed here at Sunshine and having grain and hay daily. My favorite treat is molasses.

Spotted Donkey, Born in 2014

Stanley (7) - USE

Hi, many name is Stanley. I have lived at Sunshine since 2018 when I came from another farm. My family thought that my mother was a mule (who would be infertile) so they turned her out with my dad, but then I came along! My best friend is Blue, I would be lost without her. My favorite treat is carrots.