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Furry Friend

There are six furry rabbits and two friendly cats that live at Sunshine’s barn. If you choose to sponsor some of these incredible animals, your gift helps to purchase everyday items like special pellets for Chuckie and treats for Sweet Pea to enjoy.

Furry Friend Sponsorship Options

  • $20 for 1 month
    • Sponsor will receive a letter from the animal, a painting, and a picture
  • $120 for 6 months
    • Sponsor will receive a letter each month, a painting, picture, and an animal visit (making & giving treats)
  • $240 for 1 year
    • Sponsor will receive a letter each month, a painting, picture, two animal visits (making & giving treats), and name on plaque on animal’s stall
  • Emergency fund: any amount
    • Sponsor will receive a letter from the animal
Rabbit, Born in 2011

Chuckie (3) - USE

Hi there, I’m Chuckie. I came to Sunshine with my father and brother who have both passed away. Before the pandemic, I went on adventures to senior centers or to see Sunshine individuals. Because I am older, I have a hard time keeping weight on. I am on a special diet of pellets, greens, and hay. My favorite treat is called exploring!

Rabbit, Born in 2010

Mocha (7) - USE

My name is Mocha. I am said to be the oldest rabbit in the barn. I came to Sunshine with several of my siblings I was the only one of my siblings mellow enough to become a therapy bunny. My siblings all found loving homes and I got to stay here. I love my job as a therapy bunny and will often comfort people when they are upset.

Rabbit, We guess I was born between 2011-13

Ginger (6) - USE

Hi, I go by Ginger. I was dropped off at Sunshine with a litter of five babies (kits) outside the barn door. I was left overnight and found the next day by my humans. They loved me and found homes for my kits. I had another litter and two of my babies live with me at Sunshine, Milly and Gillian.

Rabbit, Born in 2017

Milly (3) -USE

Hi, I’m Milly. I was dropped off at Sunshine with my mom a few years ago. I had an accident in my hutch when a piece of straw poked my eye. I can’t see out of that eye anymore, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying life! I love to make a mess in my hutch and visit the Vocational building to see Sunshine individuals.

Rabbit, born in 2017

Gillian (3) - USE

Hi, I’m Gillian. I appeared at Sunshine with my mom and siblings. I am spunky and full of energy. I am super cute but I would rather play and explore. I do have my snuggly moments, but let’s see some new things!

Rabbit, born in 2019


Hello, my name is Beauty. I am a Lionhead Rabbit, a breed known for intelligence and curiosity, which I am told is fitting for me. I came from a loving home with other animals but found a new place at Sunshine. I love lettuce, parsley, and dill to snack on.

Sweat Pea
Cat, We guess I was born in 2015

barn - sweet pea

Hello, my name is Sweet Pea. I was found in the Sunshine parking lot a few years ago and began living at the Greenhouse. Then, I kept escaping to the barn and met my good friend, Eddie. I can often be found conning my humans or the barn visitors into giving me treats or lots of loving.

Cat, We guess I was born in 2014

Eddie - USE

Hi, my name is Eddie. Short for Edgar Allan Poe. I appeared at Sunshine with a bunch of hay that was donated from a farmer. Being in the hay is still one of my favorite places. I like to lay on top of it or find little holes to bury myself in.

Rabbit, born in 2019


Hello, I’m cookie. The humans decided to call me cookie because there was already another rabbit named Oreo. I’m a Lion Head rabbit, just like Beauty. I enjoy spending time with my best friend Beauty and visiting with the individuals in vocational programming. I love greens, and especially spinach.